Sunday, June 4, 2017

First Meeting Minutes

Họ Hoàng First Meeting Minutes

(June 4, 2017 at bác Khoa)


  1. Bác gái Hoàng Đăng Khoa (Cố Vấn)
  2. A. Hoàng Quí Đôn (Trưởng Họ Hoàng USA)
  3. A. Hoàng Quốc Oai (Nội Vụ)
  4. A. Hoàng Khai Nhan (Thủ Quĩ)
  5. A. Hoàng Danh Môn (Nội Vụ)
  6. E. Hoàng Băng Tâm (Thư Ký)

Meeting called to order at 6:45PM

Topics discussed:

Family Tree:

  1. Help Họ Hoàng in Vietnam reconstruct the Hoang's Family Tree
  2. Suggest to add spouses' name to the tree
  3. Suggest to add Date of Birth (and Date of Death if applicable) to Generation 11 and later
  4. Question: How to enter if more than 1 spouse? 
  5. Research on Family Tree software (A. Nhan to research)
  6. Create Họ Hoàng’s Website/Blog to disseminate information
  7. Contact A. Tuyen (Trưởng Họ Hoàng in Hà Nội, VN) and Trưởng Họ at other places to coordinate and combine activities
  8. Note: Family Tree Update (USA) is Linear: A. Dôn -> A. Oai -> A. Nhan -> A. Môn -> E. Tâm (2 days Each)

Họ Hoàng’s Reunion:

  • Start having (Informal) Annual Reunions beginning in 2018 – (5 unanimous “YES” votes) in the form of potluck, picnic, camping, beach party, etc. The purpose is for everyone, especially for the young generations, to enjoy and get to know each other more.
  • Date of Reunion: Giỗ Tổ’s date is April 14 on Lunar Calendar. So any time close to that date should be ok (weekends or holidays are preferable). Doesn’t need to fall on the exact date.

Họ Hoàng’s Annual Contribution:

  • Anh Nhan is voted to be Treasurer
  • Anh Don and A. Nhan – Coordinators
  • Tam – Secretary
  • Annual Contribution Due: $100 USD per each Generation 12 head of household (Estimate initial budget: 24 x $100 = $2,400)
  • Generations 13 and later having income are welcome to contribute their share - $100 annually.
  • Send your annual due to the Treasurer.
  • Annual contribution will be used for Ho Hoang’s Annual Reunion expenses, Awards for Ho Hoang’s good students, Ho Hoang member’s funeral flowers, sending to Ho Hoang in Duong Thong, Thai Binh, Vietnam for Tết and Giỗ Tổ each year.

Action Items:

  1. A. Nhan - Design Website/Blog (due date: TBD)
  2. A. Nhan - Research Family Tree software
  3. Everyone - Update Family Tree
  4. A. Nhan & A. Don - Coordinate with Ho Hoang in Vietnam
  5. A. Nhan - Treasurer
  6. E. Tam - Secretary
  7. Everyone - Provide anh Nhan with everyone's email address (due 6/16/2017)
  8. Everyone - Contribution (due 6/16/2017)
  9. A. Nhan - Provide his postal address
Meeting adjourned at 8:50PM

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